Zoological Parc of Amiens (France)

The Zoo of Amiens (France) is looking for a rehabilitation of its entire park, currently in a poor overall condition. This project focuses on the global circulation in the park, connecting all the different spaces ( this accumulation of these little ‘worlds’ are actually the particularity of this kind of public park), but also two emblematic enclosure of the zoo : the aviary and the giraffe space. The public entrance is also a problematic, making the link between two worlds, two landscapes, two atmospheres. The project had to work on the animal space, the relation with the public space and then the backstage for the professionals. These different points of view have to be connecting even if they have not the same scale or function.

The aviary develop the idea of a transparent fence (thanks to the technology of X-TEND), with a maximum of liberty for the public but also the animal. The circulation is playing with the landscape adapted to the animals. The point of view evolve according to the landscape, between land and water. It makes a lot of unreleased points of view. The public go up, go down and have sometimes the feeling to be hidden, watching with respect the life of the animals. This position is the same for the space of giraffe, with an adaptation with the high of the animal. There is a new problematic : we have to connect the scale of the human with the giraffe one… The architecture is maybe the link between them. Indeed, the circulation is sticked along the walls, going up and going down…again.

Year: 2015
City: Esplanade de la Hotoie, 80000 Amiens