Public Entrance for a School

5 days and a project.

The entrance of the school is the backbone of the building, located in the ground floor and directly connected with the principal stairs and the central corridor. This space is definitely a strategic area where there is a lot of activity and traffic.

In the framework of a workshop, we had to think about the organization of the space, its different functions and interactions with the private and the public areas.
The school entrance has to become a main reception space but also an exhibition one and a meeting point for the visitors or the students and teachers. Through this program we want to transform all the confines of the existing space (different levels of the ground, obligation to enable the disabled persons to enter in the school, etc.) into particular assets. Indeed, we thought about a large slope going through the entire space which gives us a flowing circulation, a stage of wood and also a perfect progression between the street and the inside with a walkway windows.
This space is in the middle of the interior and the exterior and therefore has to make this connection : our new entrance is now like the extension of the street. Like a window opening on the school but also on the street, a large stage in a circular shape gives us a perfect podium and landmark for the communication and promotion of the school. The principal shape of the bay window is simplified with a thinner carpentry which will play with the installation inside like a progressive and versatile grid. It is a game of black metal frames which gives us an intimicy or a lot of exhibition display stand with its repetitions and superpositions. A grid of different holes on the ground is the base of these metal frames which are removable and mobile.

Year: 2015
City: Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, 31 rue d’Ulm, Paris 5
Partners : Lucie Saleh, Pia Berge and Marie Baudu