Street Furniture & Bookcrossing

As part of the «Culture Acier 2014» contest, it was asked to design an element of the built environment and mainly based on the implementation of the laser-cut steel.
The working group’s choice was to focus on a street furniture that would also give the possibility to set up a «cross booking» corner.

From the perspective of encouraging people to have a walk but most of all to promote exchanges between local people, this is a space that offers available surfaces on which you can lean on, sit, or do «cross booking». Focusing on the light and the outlook, the purpose of this space is to capture the efficient experience of a bench under a tree by adding to it an extra touch of soul.

The stainless metal and the white satin painted metal create a bright infrastructure on the Quai Henri IV. The holes and light reflections lighten the structure and make it come alive by following the course of the sun.
The cut framework reproduces the image of light beams mixing up together.

Year: 2014
City: Paris
Partners : Caroline Charrel & Johan Gonthier