A mobile lamp for the Danish company ‘EskoDesign’.
Product Design

This project is still in process, and can’t be shared in its integrality on a public website.
It’s the result of a design collaboration with the Danish designer and engineer Esko Shmidt Sorensen, protected by a contract.

For this project, I’m focusing on the capacity of the lamp to tell the user a story, depending on his environment and the situation.
The light has to adapt itself according to our actions and occupations. Indeed, we’ve come to a point where we have to move on a daily basis, change our spaces, and sometimes go and live in an unknown space : we need our light, the light from our country or our childhood, the light perfectly adapted to our unique daily life.
To sum up we need a lighting companion.
Thanks to its transformations, its mobility and its different possibilities to change its shape disposition or kind of light, the furniture will adapt to our different spaces and will enable us to take possession of our environment.
We need a mobile point of light, which gives us a unique atmosphere.
I’m keeping also in mind the sustainable use of the product, through the LED technology and the aluminium, but also through the whole process, to tell a story of its time.

For the company Eskodesign, I also need to follow these objectives :
– to create a product affordable to as many people and companies as possible.
to keep the high technology and the handmade production.
to create a product simple but also sophisticated thanks to its own technology.

Year: 2015
City: Copenhagen