Shop for Aesop

Design Collaboration with the brand Aesop for their new shop in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
The existing place is a linear space, characterized by events like an arch designed on a wall, a levitating hole for the back-of, graphic windows… The idea was to emphasized these particularities by a global architectural gesture.
The district is also the principal inspiration: the architecture of Kreuzberg is playing with the pedestrians and graphic drawings on its walls. This place is a cinetic environment, experimental, always playing with our imagination.
Glass partitions with photograph filters cut the space into five others. All the different functions of the shop are easy to recognize and give a perfect visibility of the entire shop. Aesop shows its composition, its identity.
These separations give rhythm to the circulation and play with our visual and physical sensations. Depending on our position in the space, the shop never looks the same.
The glass partitions play with the natural and the artificial light, and create a relation between the inside and the outside. The customers become actors, they contribute to the evolution of the space and to its metamorphoses. Then we get some interior eclipses.

To associate the surfaces of glass, tubes of steel make the place of the product and frame the installations.

At the night, the amber bottles show us a magical light.
The shop seems inhabited…

Year: 2015
City: Kreuzberg, Berlin